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The Waldorf Premium Rubber Flip Flop

At; we decided to offer only the best in a Customized Flip Flop so we are now offering The Waldorf Premium Flip Flops; One Style with Many Strap Options and Sole Imprinting Capabilities too.

The whole idea about going to the beach is to have fun. Whether you’re lying in the sun, having a picnic on the beach with family and friends, playing games like volleyball, Frisbee or even throwing a football ~ it’s all about having a good time.

We all wear flip flops of some kind to the beach. That is / was basically the origin of Flip Flops. It has since evolved into the one style of sandals most widely used on or off the beach.

These days there are so many styles of Flip Flops, so many strap and sole materials as well as many name brands. There are also what is called Private Label where a company, school, association, event, hotel, spa, cruise line, Fundraising events can place their name on the flip flops to be used as a selling tool, for retail sales, as a giveaway at a tradeshow, to employees for staff appreciation day, to clients as a gift, for a thank you or even a leave behind.

For you coming here to; it could be for any reason.

Most come to find Flip Flops for their Beach Event and add it to the other items they are purchasing for their beach event. Others use it as a gift for Employees going to a destination incentive meeting or for the President’s Club Events at beach resorts all over the world. Bride / Groom gifts for guests attending their wedding on the beach is becoming a bigger need as well.

Recently we made SandPrint Flip Flops for a Brand Name Hotel on Beaches all around the world. They offer them as Room Gifts and while they are on the Hotels premises for the time they are there; their Brand is stepped into the Sand on a Daily Basis.

We started by selling Personalized Flip Flops and Beach Towels and then as time went on it evolved into so many other items on the Website. From water bottles, Custom shaped beach paddle racket sets, beach chairs and beach umbrellas to our fully personalized sand globes, compressed beach shaped tee shirts, beach bags of all types, suntan lotions and hats too.

The WALDORF Premium Flip Flop is Our Custom 1 Color to Full Color Flip Flops which can be packaged in Custom bags imprinted with you logo or pooled together into a tote bag with an Embroidered towel, Logoed sun tan lotion, a compressed beach theme shaped tee shirt and all sorts of water bottles to give out at a beach wedding or a team building beach event too.

If you have any questions about customizing or personalizing another style flip flop you need or have seen elsewhere, we offer many other styles to choose from as we are the factory. For our website, we did not want to overwhelm anyone with an abundance of Choices.



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