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Does one ever have enough Towels?

There are a few types of towels used for the beach, at a hotel, in a spa, in one’s home, on a cruise, private yacht, at a pool club, a water slide resort, camps, retreats, a gym or anywhere else one gets wet and needs to wipe themselves dry.

Here at we offer an array of custom beach towels.
There is a Terry Velour Towel that is soft on one side or has a Terry Loop other side and there is a Cotton Loop Terry Towel that absorbs moisture better but has a rougher hand to it.
The Loops of Terry Material or 100% Cotton which is what most are made from or also in some styles offer a mixture of Polyester. These loops offer more surface area to absorb the water it comes in contact with.

Terry material is the same style of Towel but the loops are sheared or  cut off at the top of the loop making the towel much Softer and has less absorbency but feels plush to the  touch.
Beach Towels come in an arrat of sizes and weights. The standard Custom Beach Towel Size is 30” x 60” and generally weighs between 8-11 Lbs. / Doz.

Lbs. / Doz. Means Pounds per Dozen as towels are described, so 11 Lbs. / Doz. means that one Dozen Towels equals 11 Pounds or each towel is almost 1 Pound.

The higher the weight of the Towel, the plusher or absorbent it is. The bigger the towel also means it weighs more as well.
Towels are designed to be in White, Solid Colors, Stripes, Designed or Custom Woven. White is less expensive than colored and colored are at tomes less expensive than Striped. Custom Woven or Jacquard Woven is the most expensive but also one of the most luxurious.
Please feel free to contact us to determine the best towel for your event, theme, giveaway, tradeshow, hotel, pool, boat or beach event.

A Custom Woven Jacquard Designed towel is fully woven with the design or logo as part of the towel. Other styles of logoed towels are Silkscreened, Embroidered, Lasered or Embossed.
Custom Woven Jacquard Towels are generally made here in the USA and are either Terry Loop or they can be Sheared for a few dollars more.

The US Open, other events across the Globe and most Luxury Brands as well as Companies that want to enhance their branding; give client gifts, elevate the moral of their employees, gifting over the holidays, use gift with purchase, or hotels for the pool or in the rooms - use Custom Jacquard Woven towels as that vehicle.

Canbana or Rugby Striped Towels are also another way to attract a Brand or get the attention of clients at an event, a Beach Club, Pool, Gym or Cruise Line too.

It establishes continuity of their Colors and these towels are mostly embroidered but can also be screened with a Logo or Name. also offers an array of Stock designed towels where a company, person or group can insert their logo onto it and have a full colorful towel without going through the expense of printing them and needing to do a large amount for that.

These days personalized beach towels can be printed all over in Full Color and need not have a large minimum.
Please feel free to call us so we can help direct you to the best towel for your event, tradeshow giveaway, boat, cruise, beach fun, hotel in room or pool, or just a gift to your employees or clients too.

If you require an item in this Category and not found here; please use the Request Form and tell us all you can about it and we will give you the Best Price as we offer so much more than what this Website has.


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