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The Paddle Ball originated in the 1920’s when the first use was a soft rubber ball that was attached to a Wooden Paddle. It had then evolved into the Wall Ball game of Paddle Ball in the Park and then Four Wall in the Gym or Racquet Ball and thenKadimah on the Beach.
Today there are so many types of Paddles and Paddle games. Branding Paddles with a Design, a Theme, your Company Logo,  a Company Event, a beach event, an indoor event, family reunions, a beach wedding or even the Invitation of the event on one paddle;  is the Craze of Promotional Giveaways for the past many years.
These days can put a Full Color Process Photo or design from edge to edge of the paddles to even having Custom Die Cut Shaped Paddles in shapes of a House, a Tooth, a School Bus a Logo, a Box, a College Team Icon, a Paw or  just a shape of your theme or logo or design. You name it and WE can do it.

Paddle Sets are great for Giveaways because you need 2 People to use it and your Brand, Logo, Product or theme is emblazoned on it for Recognition and Promotion.
An Orthodontist gave them away in the beginning of the summer to all his young patients going to camp and they all said it was a great giveaway and so much better than a Tee Shirt.
Liquor companies are always having Beach Events as one gave sets out during each beach event of their year which proved to be such a huge success.
Companies have events all the time and give their employees a beach kit with various beach related items and a Paddle Ball Setis always one of the best items in the bag since their spouses and kids at times attend which makes it more personal for the whole family.

There are so many Styles, Many Handle and Ball Colors as these Paddle Sets have evolved into everyone having a fun time hitting the ball to each other without the wall(s) being their partner.
With Minimums as low as 25 Sets and also made out of many materials like wood, plastic, core board and Velcro; these paddle ball sets are good for the Youth and Adults.
So put your Logo, Event Name, Design or Photo on a set and go give it your best SHOT!


If you require custom logo paddle ball sets and not found here; please use the Request Form and tell us all you can about it and we will give you the Best Price as we offer so much more than what this Website has.


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