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Compressed Beach Tee Shirts Shapes

The Tee Shirt many years ago was slated to be the Best Giveaway ever, but after a while and years later; how many tee shirts can one have?
So we all eventually evolve and someone comes up with an idea. They test it out and get the interest of others as something new on the horizon and alas; a NEW product is born.
The Tee Shirt is screen printed in the area or areas you want your images, logos and text placed.
The Compression Machine has Dies in all types of Shapes that are Stock Shapes and other Shapes that a Company Chooses to make. Stock shapes have a Minimum of 144 Shirts and Custom Shapes depending on how Difficult the shape can have a minimum of 1,000 to 2,500 Units.
A Die can cost from $350 anywhere up to $1,500.00 depending on the intricacy of the shape.
The tee shirt is then put into the Compression Chamber where it is compressed under volumes of pressure to fit the Shape Mold Chosen.
It then comes out in that Custom shape and a Custom Full Color Insert created by the Customer is placed on top of the Compressed Shirt and then shrink wrapped by a Suction machine to form itself all over and around the Shirt.
Once the shirt is Shrinkwrapped it becomes easier to ship, easier to hand out and all whom receive it are eager to throw it into their washing machine to watch it come out as a regular Hanes, Gildan, Fruit of the Loom, Jerzees or any other brand tee shirt.
At;  we offer over 30 Beach Theme Shapes. Within our Stock Shapes overall and in over 15 Categories of Industry – we have over 600 Shapes to choose From. So we can create for you any shape you want above and beyond the Beach.
Pricing starts with a 100% Cotton Tee Shirt at 5.6 Oz. or 6.1 Oz., Your Logo or Text in 1 Imprint Color and in 1 Location. Extra Imprint Colors and / or Locations are charged accordingly. Shrink Wrapping and a Full Color Insert is included. A Second Back Insert would be Extra.
So If you are looking for a Unique way to give that T-shirt again and again without it being “ just another Tee Shirt ” – COMPRESS IT


If you require an item in this Category and not found here; please use the Request Form and tell us all you can about it and we will give you the Best Price as we offer so much more than what this Website has.


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