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About us is a venture of many manufacturers whom offers you the opportunity to purchase an array of items all tailored to your different needs, budget, event or function.

Please tell us what you require and we will accommodate you with all your ideas or concepts and make them your reality.

About Custom Beach Plus

It all started one night having dinner after showing our products at a trade show. A group of us came up with this idea of We are all manufacturers of many different and diverse products yet some are related to the Beach environment.

We decided to combine our knowledge, efforts, marketing ideas and creativity to develop a website with unique and innovative items that people can purchase branded with their logo for tradeshow giveaways, corporate gifts, school fundraiser’s, gifts w/ purchase, new product introductions, picnics, team events, destination weddings, incentive & meetings travel, pillow gifts, promotional product giveaways, retail venues, private label or just that special event.

The beach theme is a very big category but most only offer the same old, same old products and rarely introduce new products that captivate the purchaser. Here you will see NEW products as well as a few staples from the past. For instance; if you require a style of flip flops not seen here, we can make them for you if the quantity is within our manufacturing grid.

Our categories have just a few items so we do not overwhelm you nor create an arena with just stuff. Anyone can throw on a website an abundance of items but that is not conducive to a buyer just looking for a specific theme as we have here; being the Beach. Yet this also works for a beach or swim club, a pool or a resort that caters to all who want to relax and have fun.

Our “Contact Us” Form ( click here ), is where you can fill in any type of item(s) you might also be seeking and we can quote you on those accordingly.

Custom Imprinted Promotional Products

Custom Imprinted Promotional products are the best form of recognition of your brand, your logo, a line of text or to just have a nice design that one remembers. With over one million products in the promotional products arena, there are many items that can be the “perfect “promotional item. Making flip flops for the past 7 years, we found that flip flops provide a great opportunity for fund raising, promotional giveaways, trade show giveaways, corporate gifts and employee incentives because it becomes part of the every day apparel item. Each pair is branded on both feet and gives you exposure from the Straps, the Sole and the Die Cut Bottom that leaves your design or words printed on the sand. offers many custom imprinted promotional products that you can offer your customers, clients or employees, but customized and personalized flip flops are tried and true and have been around since 1931 when at that time they were called “ Jandals ” from a shorten form of Japanese Sandal.

Personalized & Customized Corporate Gifts

Most corporations brand their identity or corporate logo on various items either tailored to a particular event, theme, employee recognition, client thank you gift, to generate more business opportunities, as a leave behind from an appointment, the company picnic, a partners retreat, the presidents incentive trip or secretary’s day.

The same personalized flip flops, sand paperweights and sand clocks, imprinted cooltainers, steel water bottles and bags are also used for those corporate gifts.


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